And the Truth Shall Set You Free


“32 and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”
John 8:32, from the Jubilee Bible 2000.


Santa Claus plugs Lucky Strike cigarettes in a 1951 advertisement. The good old days, when America was great. Image uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Bobmarleyyea.

10 warning signs you may be involved in a cult of St. Nicholas:

1 – Obsessiveness about Santa Claus results in the exclusion of practical considerations.

2 – Individual identity blurs with Santa Claus and the group surrounding him. In the follower’s mind, personal identity becomes fused with Santa Claus as involvement continues and deepens.

3 – Criticism or questioning of Santa Claus regarded as persecution.

4 – Stilted and programmed speech, mannerisms, and behavior in imitation of Santa Claus.

5 – Dependent on Santa Claus to solve problems, and to provide simple answers for complex questions without meaningful reflective thought. Unable to think independently or analyze situations without involving Santa Claus.

6 – Devotion to Santa Claus’s agenda, overriding personal goals and individual interests.

7 – Loss of perspective and sense of humor about Santa Claus and anything pertaining to him.

8 – Estrangement from family and friends who are not similarly enthusiastic about Santa Claus.

9 – Anything Santa Claus does is justified, no matter how ugly or hurtful.

10 – Former followers of Santa Claus considered evil and susceptible to bad influences. They cannot be trusted and must be shunned.

From the point of view of reasonable people, the last item could apply to current followers in a cult. Setting that aside for the sake of a seasonably charitable sentiment, Happy Chrismukkah to one and all, even the hard cases.
— Ed.

A classic Marx Brothers bit from their 1935 film A Night at the Opera, with Chico and Groucho Marx.